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This Studio deals in Millitary Services Wood Grained Wall Plaques.
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The Millitary Services Collection
Wood Grained Wall Plaques

These Wall Plaques are 3 1/2" x 15" in size, are made out of wood grained hardboard and are coated with Polyurethane.
They have two (2) 1/8" round holes for mounting with (2) finishing nails.
These signs can be hung in doors or out doors under a patio overhang.

Item # Item description
A Member of the US Air Force lives here.
A Member of the United States Army lives here.
A Member of the United States Coast Guard lives here.
A Member of the United States Marine Corps lives here.
A Member of the United States Navy lives here.
A Member of the Air National Guard lives here.
A Member of the Merchant Marine lives here.

Wood Grainedn Wall Sign
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Available Background Colors

Wood Grain - Type - 4.
Wood Grain - Type - 5.
Street Sign - Green Type - 6.
Street Sign - Blue Type - 7.

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